Saturday, July 12, 2014

Off we sewing camp!

"What?" I hear you say, "Surely it's only been a few months since her last sewing weekend?"
Uh yes it has but this is an extra weekend away that was organised for one of our members who hasn't been able to make it to several camps in a row due to family commitments.
This time it falls smack bang in the middle of school holidays, which is a perfectly timed sewing break in my mind ;)
And who really news an excuse to getaway eat, drink and sew in beautiful surrounds with wonderful like-minded people? Not me!

I may not look it (weird camera face I know) but I am one happy sewing camper!

All the "essentials": overlocker (seat belted in!), UFO basket, sewing "toolbox" (under basket), water and audio book (Now you see her/ by James Patterson).
Note clever use of child's car seat for ironing board caddy ;)
It's mid winter here and it's good to see so much water flowing after such a dry summer.

More pics to follow (hopefully of some sewing in action)!
Kate x

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Yes it finally happened- I sewed through my finger :(
Late night+distractions+head cold+ being in a hurry to finish = not ideal sewing conditions.
Lucky it didn't go though any nail or bone (yuk) but the tip of the needle (with the eye and thread attached) embedded itself in my finger tip.
A souvenier
Cue 5 hour wait in the emergency department until a doctor was free (it was a very busy day there) to come and remove it. 
I felt like a real idiot sitting there waiting with my self inflicted injury next to the scores of people coming in with life threating injuries! 
Watch those fingers when you sew!

Happy sewing (I'm taking a break for a day or so....)!

Kate x

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Pretty in pink [aprons]

I love it when something I've hand made for others is well received and thank god these ones were! I really felt like I was dicing it a bit with the uber-pink colour theme:
Luckily lovely Danni not only LOVED the aprons but sent me photographic proof:)
Behold the beautiful Danni and her gorgeous kidlets wearing my aprons!!
(I'm totally stoked they liked them):

How can you not smile after seeing this?:
Such cute little misses and a lovely (talented, cake-making) friend, how lucky am I?

You can see other posts related to this apron pattern and project here, here and here :)

Happy [apron] Sewing All!
Kate x

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Another year (can I stop counting now?)

Yes I'm a whole year older! It was the Winter Solstice this weekend, which means it was also my birthday too, which meant gift receival from hubby and the kidlets :
Yummy smelling WoodWick candles, a gardening book and a sewing book. Who knew that my 4 yr olds could pick such appropriate presents for their mummy ;)

Plus a cake with candles on it. 
Three candles to be precise...thats all we had in the house and frankly 36 candles would most likely be a fire hazard (and darn tricky to light to boot). 

I also had a few online ordered goodies that I had "gifted" to myself in the lead up to my birthday (anytime in the month beforehand is fair game in my mind)- some Mox shoes (super comfy!) and a couple of Lekala patterns. Super excited to finally be trying out the Lekala patterns as I've heard lots of good feedback about them. They are drafted to your custom measurements (that you enter yourself) and as a added bonus they have some freebie patterns to download, so you can try before you buy :)

Going back through my older posts tagged under "birthday" (I like to try and make sure I don't use the same title post/introduction ) I found this post from 2009. Gee how much has my life changed since then! :D

Happy Sewing !

Kate :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cotton candy coloured apron

Just a little sneaky-peek of some of the sewing details from the second "thank-you" apron I have just finished making :
Fabric-covered buttons
The best part about making your own fabric covered buttons is picking out which part of the print to use.
This latest apron is a bit OTT pink and hopefully it's intended recipient wont mind it's "pinkness". As Danni makes and decorates cakes I wanted to use a cupcake themed fabric for the main body of the apron and then I had the pink Eiffel tower fabric lying around handy at the time....

Not quite enough main fabric to squeeze out four full length apron ties, so the two neck ties are made up of two fabrics.

Top stitched all the edges to reduce post wash ironing :)
The pattern for this apron is the same OOP McCalls 5643 that I also used here and here.

Will post more pics shortly of the finished product.

Meanwhile if you live in my part of the world and want to give Danni's creations a go you can find her via the Dannis Cake Wonderland Facebook page.

Kate :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Shark D-day

Well the day of the party arrived and I just finished the shark costume in time...and it fits -yaaaay!
DS is pretty happy with it and even though its not 100% perfect it fit the bill for the job at the time :)
If I ever made this up again there are a few things I would do differently, for one I'd probably use some sort of iron on pellon throughout to give a bit more body to the costume and maybe revise the bottom part of the hood/shark mouth.
Also crappy fabric is crappy fabric...this was "pop top" poplin (I think) and the cheapness really shows!
Luckily DD is a couple of sizes smaller than her brother so we may get a little more wear out of this one :D
Happy sewing / costume making! ;)
Kate :)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Shark costume

Please excuse the blurry phone pics...I'm tired, it's late and for some god unknown reason I've spend the best parts of the last two evenings trying to "whip up" a shark costume for my son:

Can #1 son go to a Pirate Party as a pirate? Nooo :( "Shark" is as close as we are going to get to the sea related  theme, and being the unorganised tight-wad I am, it is too late to order the $40 shark costume from Toyworld, even if I wasn't choking on the price.

So off to Spotlight I go and after looking at what's on offer in the "grey fabric " category I settle on some grey polar fleece, which I promptly swapped for poly-cotton at the cutting counter thus p#ssing off those behind me in the queue (sorry BTW if that was you- honestly mum under stress here!).

The reasoning behind my fabric change was that I could imagine DS overheating in the fleece running around his kindy friends birthday party...and frankly the poly cotton was like half the price. And then there was the 40% off sale- score!

So this is pretty much where I am on day 2, not too bad for something I fudged up by tracing off DS's puffer vest and guessing the rest.

Of course I haven't actually tried it on him yet, so it could all go hideously wrong at the last moment, especially as he was keen to go just with the fin after I'd made that first all important part.

At least I can say my stash of interfacing and wadding has come in very handy during this project ;)

Oh and we also have a fairy/elves party the day after the pirate party that I need to make a "elf" costume for.
Perhaps my glue stick and stapler will get a work out for that one!

DD is pretty much sorted for both parties, she has been given numerous fairy costumes and -handily- a mermaid costume (that "kind of" ties into a pirate theme right?).

Might get a pic of DS in the shark costume...if my estimations of size means it fits!

I have a feeling there will be many more costume making sessions to come in my parenting future ;)

Happy sewing!

Kate :)